The hard-to-get bacon beer


This is a really odd beer – in a marketing sense, I mean. As beers go, it’s the best thing Hahn have done for a while.
See, Hahn ran some contest or something where people could nominate a beer to make. The winner suggested a beer that tasted like bacon. Hardly groundbreaking, smoked beers have been round for yonks.
So Hahn make the beer and give it to the guy, but don’t release it to the general public. I got my hands on a bottle because I write a beer column for the Illawarra Mercury and asked the Hahn publicity people to send me one.
Presumably Hahn expect some sort of publicity from this, but I’m not going to write a column for the paper about a beer that none of the readers can go and buy. And I reckon most other beer writers will do the same.
I’m writing about it here because….well….because I got a bottle and want to let someone know about it.
There are some mild bacon and smoked meat aromas, and an equally mild flavour. But it’s quite pleasant and enjoyable and that’s something I can’t say about the other beers from Hahn.
Without question, this is the most interesting beer Hahn have released for quite a while. If ever.
Can’t for the life of me understand why, having gone to the trouble of brewing it, bottling it, printing up labels and whatever other crap they had to do, that they’re not going to put it in bottle shops. Not even as a limited release.
Because people would buy it. Mainstream drinkers who want to enjoy the novelty of meat-flavored beer and beer geeks who want to see what the hell Hahn came up with.
And me too. But it’s not going to be found in any beer fridges anywhere (except for the fridge of the guy who they made it for).

That’s a real shame.

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