The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – October 24, 2014

Number 1: This tweet from Andrew Childs of New Zealand’s Behemoth Brewing Company

If this makes no sense to you, let me say that Stu McKinlay (one half of Yeastie Boys) has a penchant for brightly-coloured strides.

Number 2: 250 Beers – Making The MOst Out of A Brew Day
There’s a good reason why Darren from doesn’t need to homebrew beers. It seems real-life breweries are queuing up to let him brew something on their kit. This story marks the FIFTH time that’s happened. I’m so jealous.

Number 3: Good Food – It’s The Season for Saison Beer
Costa Nikias from La Sirene talks with Will Hawkes about the continued growth in popularity of saisons.

Number 4: Business Insider Australia – Scientists Recreated a 170-Year-Old Beer Found In A Shipwreck
Based on micro-organisms in the bottles, scientists worked out the ingredients of the beer. Then someone else brewed it. An “authentic” version will set you back more than $150.

Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – The Hard To Get Bacon Beer
In which I try the ultra-rare Hahn Bacon and wonder why the hell they don’t make this all time.

Number 6 …it’s not beer but you’ll like it.

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