If, for some reason, you haven’t already had enough of me from reading this blog and want more Beer is your Friend action you can find me at all sorts of happening social media sites. Well, they were happening once, but the fact that I’ve now joined probably means they’re no longer happening. Oh well.

You can sign up to some of them or all of them. The latter would make me feel better. And cooler – and, from what I’ve gathered about social media, it’s all about being cool.




newfacebookIf you follow Beer Is Your Friend at Facebook you’ll be overwhelmed by posts featuring the latest blog entry. And some other interesting stories and photos you won’t find on the blog. Yeah, bonus stuff. Who doesn’t like bonus stuff? You can find that here.




twitter_logo1-CopyYou can also find me on Twitter, which could be the best option as, unlike my blog posts, I’m limited to 140 characters. So they’ll take much less time to read. If you like brevity, you can get that here. Or, if you want some idea of where on the South Coast of NSW you can find good beer, well, I run this thing on Twitter too.




instagramOr maybe Instagram is the better option for Beer Is Your Friend fans, because it’s all pictures and no words. Well, there are words there but I’m told that people only really care about the photos. So you can look at some pretty pictures here.





Well, there is one more way you can reach out and touch me – metaphorically speaking – the good old-fashioned contact form. Fill in the blanks with whatever vitriol you wish you direct my way and then hit Submit. That’s submit as in “send” not as in “bend to my will”. Though I’d be happy with either.

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