Yes, this is a blog about beer (from an award-winning beer writer, by the way). More specifically, about my efforts to better understand beer.

And not just drinking it – that’s only a small part – but a whole range of other facets. We’re talking what beer is, what goes into it and how they make it taste like a lemon, a banana or dill without putting any of those things into the beer. That then obviously leads to learning how to make it myself. We’re also talking about meeting those people who make it for a living and those who write about it.

I’m also interested in the history of beer – how prohibition actually came about in the United States, for instance, or the strange world of the Six O’Clock swill. And also the social ramifications of it – good and bad – and the way it’s marketed to us. The business behind the beer we drink gets a look-in too. Even the way the tongue tastes it and the rest of the body deals with it.

As well as all that there’s also the minutiae, like videos of old beer ads in which at least one man always seems to have a moustache.

All of this is covered by someone (me!) with a real love of writing and with a view to being as entertaining as possible. And, yes, maybe a little informative as well.

So go start reading. I’m outta here.

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