GABS Brewer 2015

GABS Brewer 2015: Ekim Brewing

Mike Jorgensen from Ekim Brewing in Sydneyekim

What beer are you making for GABS? What’s it called?
ROK [there’s supposed to be an umlaut over the O but I have no idea how to type them – Ed].

This is an imperial version of Ekim’s most popular beer, the After Battle pale ale. In Norse mythology Ragnarok (our beer named ROK for short) is a great battle foretold to result in the end of the world…the ultimate after [all other] battles, battle! ROK: the ultimate After Battle, battle beer!

In contrast to its apocalyptic namesake, this beer is bloody ace (ie moderately more enjoyable than a final gruesome battle in which everyone dies)! ROK has more hops thrown at it, post-boil, than any of our other brews, which says a bit since all our beers are famous for their intense, uplifting flavours coming from the impressive volume of dry-hopping they cop. In fact ROK has three times the Citra and Simcoe than After Battle, making it a showcase of Citra’s passionfruit and citrus characteristics, with added pine and earthy notes from the Simcoe.

Meanwhile an extended boiling time and copious amounts of pale malts support the hop flavours, and balance the high alcohol whilst not producing a massive body for this beer.

Where did the inspiration come from?
We wanted to make an Imperial version of After Battle, and sort of a pale version of HEL (black IPA 9.2%).

For those who might over-indulge, do you have a suggestion for a post-GABS hangover remedy?
Has to be a schnitty, chips… and MORE BEER.

Finally, finish this sentence, craft beer is …
… actually paying the bills! Cass and I are living the dream thanks to this freaking awesome amber liquid.

The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular is at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne on May 22-24 and Australian Technology Park, Sydney on May 30.

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