GABS Brewer 2017

GABS Brewer 2017: Prancing Pony Brewery

GABS Brewer: Frank Samon from Prancing Pony Brewery

What sort of beer are you making for GABS?
Black IPA.

What’s it called?
Hunt for the Red Velvet (as improbable as Sean Connery with an Russian accent). Here’s the tasting notes: “When Captain Eisenberg’s new magic carpet, named the ‘Red Velvet’ got lost, the Malt Liquor high brass was concerned the Captain had defected to neighbouring rouge Dudistan. The flying carpet’s new, top secret fuel, was codenamed ‘Black Forrest Cake Liquor’, because that what it tastes like, when taken in moderation. An improbable flavour blend of a Russian Imperial Stout with a fruity double IPA, dry hop aromas fighting with chocolate and coffee to get every bit of your attention. The Pony says, ‘Oh Dude, you want it so badly’.

Where did the inspiration come from?
Punters in our brew pub started ordering a black and tan of our India Red Ale (double IPA that won supreme champion trophy, London 2016) and our Russian Imperial Stout. The taste reminds me of Black Forest Cake. So we designed a recipe to do it from scratch and to emphasise the balance of fruitiness (via hops) and chocolate (via roasted malt).

What’s the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever added to a beer?
Roasted rye malt. That’s as weird as we get. We only use malt, hop and yeast as flavour producing ingredients. We don’t make fruit beer, sours, spicy beers etc.

GABS drinking preference – tasting paddles or a full glass?
Full glass.

The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular is on May 19-21 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Victoria, May 27 at Sydney Showground Olympic Park, NSW and June 16-17 at ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland.

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