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Five Things About … Urban Crusader Double Hopped Lager


1)Urban Crusader is another instance of a big company looking to horn in on the growing craft beer market. While the label may look a bit edgy and alternative (or maybe like a big company trying to appear edgy and alternative) it’s actually from a liquor giant – namely Liquorland.

2) Now, there have been quite a few times when big companies like Liquorland, Coles,  Woolworths or Coca-Cola put out beers that conspicuously left their name off the label. And I’ve called shenanigans on that – if you’re going to be a big company making beer then don’t be sneaky and hide the fact from the consumer. With that in mind it’s only fair that I praise Liquorland in this instance, because right there on the back label it says “produced under contract for Australian Beer Connoisseurs  – a trading name of Liquorland Australia”. That’s a nice degree of transparency there.

3) Now for a bit of ridicule. Right there on the label it says this is a “double hopped lager”. To me, that’s meaningless marketing speak along the lines of “brewed longer“. It seems a phrase designed to catch the unaware – “wow, it’s double hopped. That must mean it’s hopped twice as much as most other beers”. Nope, at best it means it’s hopped just as much as other beers. See, most beers add hops at several stages in the brewing process – some do it four, five, six, seven or more times. So the phrase “double hopped” is meaningless.

4) It’s also confusing, as the rear label says three different hops are used – so triple hopped, maybe? And, despite being an “Australian-style lager” two of those three hops are foreign – German Perle and US Nugget.

5) I could overlook all this if the beer was really good. But it’s not. Urban Crusader isn’t bad, but it isn’t really good either. Despite that “double hopping” it’s malt-driven with not much in the way of hop characters. It does pass the barbecue test, though not by all that much.





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  1. This is a puerile review – no explanation as to why its not very good or not very bad…nothing about the taste other than malt-driven…all beer is malt-driven by definition…for the price its a very good drop…and its good even without that caveat…compare it with every other over-priced ‘craft’ brew…compare it with every other ‘international brand’ that is really Australian-brewed, and you get quality, a clean lively taste….and terrific value…good job the retail outlets understand sales and marketing

  2. Fell for the label and the double hopped claim. Surprised by the very ordinary taste and decided to check out where the beer actually came from. Great to have it cleared up by your review. Be more attentive next time. Thanks

  3. Bought a six pack of this brew for $8 at First choice. Thought it was a small brewer and they had decided to clear it. 37 in Perth today and this stuff is drinkable.
    Apparently the biggies bring wine from NZ in bulk. They bottle it and put their wank label on it and make a killing from us suckers.

  4. The most important question to me is: Where exactly is it brewed? In Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane with FLUORIDATED tap water? Or somewhere else with proper spring water?

  5. Pathetic review… If your looking for a craft beer so be it. Nobody expects this brew to be ‘Craft.”. I’m not a lager drinker but it satisfies my needs. Price is good also. Happy to continue buying and appreciating this brew.

  6. This is an awful beer and misleading comments on the bottle / label. Its watery beer, with no hop flavours at all – absolutely no fruity or spicy aroma from the supposed addition of Perle Hops. Its probably the worst “special” six pack i have ever bought and the temperature in QLD today is close to 38D …… no redeeming features even when its icy cold. This is a complete marketing lie ….. You would be better off buying something like Monteiths XPA for 10 bucks at the other major outlet with an irish name. More fool me for believing the label and stupid for trying it in the first place.

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