GABS Brewer 2016

GABS Brewer 2016 – BrewCult

Brewer: Hendo from BrewCult in VictoriaBrewCult Primary Logo Positive

What beer are you making for GABS?
It’s a Gingerbread Imperial Stout.

What’s it called?
Gingerbread Maniac

Where did the inspiration come from?
When I was a kid I worked on a ginger farm….for like a day….then I quit because it sucked. Kinda went off ginger after that.

I took a month off in December 2015/January 2016 and went for a very long motorcycle ride from Melbourne up to South East QLD. I visited quite a few established and new breweries which was a lot of fun….but it was very hot in all that motorcycle gear….so I drank a lot of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. That rekindled my love for ginger… fact….I think I became hooked on ginger.

So this beer is going to be about 8% and have loads of biscuit malt, a couple of thousand dollars of vanilla beans, cinnamon, maybe some nutmeg and of course, ginger. I don’t want the ginger to dominate but rather be a balance in amongst all the other flavours in this very complex beer.

Tell us why you have chosen to brew a Festival Beer for GABS
GABS is hugely important to the new beer development part of BrewCult. I was absolutely blown away when Milk and Two Sugars won People’s Choice at GABS last year….it scared me a little….I dunno, I just made this beer for shits and giggles but I didn’t expect people to like to that much! Regardless, this year is BrewCult’s 4th year at GABS and we’ll be pulling out all the stops for Gingerbread Maniac.

Finish this sentence – one thing I would like to change about craft beer is …
The analogy I like to use to describe craft beer is a little kid riding a bicycle and the training wheels have just been removed and he’s off on his first ride without training wheels. I’m the cool uncle holding on and all the beer fans are the kid. I’m there to hold you to get you started but then I’ll let go and not tell you that I’ve let go. Then you’re on your own and you don’t know it. Have I let go yet? You don’t know but you’re on your own and you create the change and set the direction. Deep.

The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular is on May 20-22 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Victoria, May 27-28 at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, NSW and June 18 at ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland.

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