Overlooked beers

Overlooked Beers – Day Seven


Of the seven overlooked beers this week, this is the only one made by someone I know. Scotty Morgan from The Rocks Brewing Company lives a bit down the road from me and we catch up from time to time.

So you’d think that’d be a good enough reason for this beer avoiding the “overlooked” category. But no. I don’t think I’ve had a Hangman for some time now. I know I haven’t had it since they started using the paper labels.

And I have to say I rather like the paper labels.

And I still liked the beer too. It’s another one that has been unfairly overlooked. While I didn’t get as much of a citrus aroma hit as the label description promised, I did get enough to be enjoyable.

The beer certainly did live up to the label’s biscuity malt promise – there’s loads of that tasty business going on.

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