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Five Things About …. AC/DC beer

1) This is my second attempt at writing this post about the new AC/DC beer. Once I finished the first, I realised I came across as a total beer dick, a smug bastard who was mocking a beer that he didn’t expect to be very good in the first place.

2) And, really, it is a bit of a dick move to buy a beer you think is going to be crap and then mock it for being crap. How can I reasonably ridicule a beer for being exactly what I expected? Dick move.

3) I do, however, think it’s fine to mock the dodgy language used on the AC/DC beer website. Particularly the part that says ‘‘this lager fires up your tongue like TNT, comes with a great beer-loving taste.’’ A beer-loving taste? What does that even mean? That it tastes like beer-loving? Was it originally written in German and they used an online translator for the English version?

4) It was hard to work out exactly what style this beer is. From the can, I really have no idea. It is variously described as ‘‘German beer’’, ‘‘Premium beer’’, ‘‘Biere Blonde’’, ‘‘Birra’’, and ‘‘Cerveza’’. It also says it was ‘‘Brewed in accordance with the German purity law’’. So, that makes it not very clear at all. I had to go to that website to find out it was ‘‘German Premium lager’’. Really, could they not have written that on the can?

5) As far as the beer itself goes, nah, I don’t like it. But I didn’t expect to either, so I’m not going to be a dick and slam it for that. It pours a really pale colour, but seems to pick up a bit in the glass. There’s a light smell of sweet malt, and that hits in the mid-palate, which is good because there’s nothing much before that. The weird thing is, after a couple of sips, that malt hit moves to the back of the palate, leaving an even bigger swathe of not much happening on the palate.
There’s no faults that I could find, nothing that tastes ‘‘wrong’’. It’s just ordinary. Which is fine, because this beer was never going to be for me anyway.

Freebie or paid for: I picked up two cans of this with my own money.

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  1. I looked at AC/DC beer and thought pretty much that it would be a poor drink….I did notice it was german and decided to give it a burl. I very pleasantly surprised by the taste and the quality, I guess that it comes down to personal preference. It sold out quickly and I don’t think it was just because of the bargain price.

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