Overlooked beers

Overlooked Beers – Day Six


Sometimes you can love a beer because of the time and place you had it, as much as anything to do with the flavour of the beer itself.

It’s like that for me with Burleigh Brewing’s 28 Pale. I discovered it during a family trip down the South Coast, picking some up at a bottle shop on the way the waterside caravan park where we were staying.

It was a warm afternoon and, when we got to the caravan park my daughter had fallen asleep in the back of the car. We parked in the shade and my wife and I sat on the grass near the car and sipped a few 28 Pales while we waited for our daughter to wake up.

It was such a lovely, quiet and peaceful time.

Yet despite that I haven’t had a 28 Pale for what seems like a long while.

Maybe part of the reason for that is worrying what happens to that special memory if I try it again and I don’t like it.

But I risked it this week. And the beer was okay. It wasn’t great like I remembered – but then again my recall would obviously be coloured by the other goings-on when I drank it.

There was some nice citrus notes on the nose, with toffee action on the palate along with enough bitterness to balance everything out.

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      • I think there’s also a massive variation in quality due to age for a lot of Burleigh beers. Some bottleshops move it a lot more slowly than others which is a shame because the range is pretty good when fresh.

      • People always say that but Im sure some beers change. Im still drinking similar beers years ago, 3 sheets, 4 pines pale ale etc.

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