Overlooked beers

Overlooked Beers – Day Five


When it comes to overlooked beers, you can file Holgate’s Mt Macedon pale ale in the same category as Bridge Road’s Beechworth pale ale. Like the Beechie, if you told me a few years ago that I would one day be able to buy a Mt Macedon in my local mega bottle shop I would not have believed you.

But, in that hypothetical, you would have been right. I can now buy Mt Macedon in my local First Choice Liquor. But do I actually buy it? No, I don’t. In my quest for “New! New! New!” (BTW, I mean new beer and not Toohey’s New. As if I’d pick that beer over a Mt Macedon). On the occasion I am in First Choice I see this beer on the shelves but I never buy it. Sometimes I walk out empty-handed because there wasn’t anything “NEW!”

But this month I did walk out with a bottle. And I’m so glad I did because this beer is really good. It was really good when I last had it more than two years ago. And it’s still really good now. Great sweet toffee aromas and the flavour is a mix of citrus and toffee (while I doubt I’d eat toffee and a citrus fruit together, they combine well in this beer.

I’m filing this under “I really should drink this beer more often”.

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  1. Mt Macedon is a prime candidate along with Beechworth to be canned. If they want to give it a bit of a polish to move more SKUs, re-inventing the packaging is usually the easiest way to go.

    It’d be nice to not have to fork out normal bucks and get old US beers (or Mt Goat Summer) or mega bucks to get anything else.

  2. Really enjoying your blog. As an employee of one of the big 2, I’m stoked that you keep the politics out and let the liquid do the talking. Cheers mate, keep it up!

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