The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – January 9, 2015

Number 1: This tweet from Luke.

Yep, with Experience IT’s announcement that it will be air-freighting Stone’s geektastic Enjoy By… IPA to Australia this year it is likely to fan the flames of the grey import argument again. Not to mention testing by boycott of Stone because of that dodgy crowdfunding thing.

Number 2: Slate – Against Hoppy Beer

This piece is at least a year old but it’s still a good read. And makes a salient point – that the geeks obsession with ever-more heavily hopped beers may be driving away newcomers

Number 3: Thrillist: Why I Hate Something You Probably Love – IPAs
Yep, another anti-hop piece. But this is a good read too – cause it’s funny. Even if you happen to lerve IPAs

Number 4: CNN Money – There’s a Black Market for Beer. And it’s Bad for Drinkers
Brewers make one-offs or seasonal beers and then someone buys some and then resells it at crazy mark-ups. Bastards. Sometimes I’m happy to be a cheapskate.

Number 5: Beer is Your Friend – The Sessions #76 Compulsion
In which I give my response to the Session I hosted about why we feel the need to buy beer when we already have enough to drink.

Number 6: … It’s not beer but you’ll like it

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