Beer of the Week

Beer of the Week – Idle Saison

The beer: Idle Saison. It’s sort of a saison.wpid-img_20141231_230837.jpg

Where did it come from?: I got it via mail order from Warner’s At The Bay. But it comes from Melbourne’s Dilettante Beer Company.

What’s it like?: Like I said, it’s sort of a saison. It’s also sort of a pilsner. And sort of a pale ale too. The mix happens because it uses a saison/farmhouse ale yeast, pilsner malt and some Australian, New Zealand and United States hops. Altogether, there’s some of the yeasty spice notes you expect from a saison, the cleanness of pilsner providing a backbone for some nice fruit hop aroma and flavour.

Why do you like it?: I like it because it’s quite refreshing. And also because, based on the above description, this beer should have ended up a bit all over the shop. But the separate pieces of this puzzle all join up together wonderfully.

Okay, now you can tell the story you think is funny/interesting?: I’ve been following the brewer, Darren on Twitter for ages. Even before he started talking about become a professional brewer. So it’s kind of cool to have watched him go from dreams to reality. And, if I see a bottle of his in a fridge somewhere, I can point to it and say, ‘‘hey, I know that guy’.

Anything else?: Nope, not today.

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