Beer science

French Press Experiment #4: Lemon and Mint


Yes, it looks awful, but it was actually rather tasty.

Did you know that, when they build housing estates, they’ll often plant a lemon tree in the backyard? At least that’s what I’ve heard. Sure, it could be bullshit but it would at least explain why there was a lemon tree in the backyard when we moved into our place nearly a decade ago.

It was a new house and we certainly didn’t say ‘‘plant a citrus or we ain’t buying’’. Nope, it was just there when we moved in. And is still there pumping out a stupid amount of lemons. I say stupid because lemons aren’t a regularly used fruit around our place. We end up having to give away heaps of them before they go bad.

That’s why I made sure that one of these experiments included a lemon. As well as some mint, also sourced from the backyard.

I’d taken the punt that this wouldn’t be that nice (but likely nicer that my Taco misfire) but I was wrong. It was lemon zest and a handful of mint leaves and then in the fridge for 10 minutes.

The blend is surprisingly refreshing and the mint doesn’t dominate; surprising because the herb’s aroma was really, really strong when I picked it.

As with all the other experiments, the flavour is a bit thin. That’s because it’s an addition on top of a finished beer rather than an ingredient within the beer. But it’s still tasty – this is the winner of the experiments so far.

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