Beer science

French Press Experiment #3: Lime and Coriander

tacoRegular readers will know that I’m quite a fan of Two Birds Taco. So it makes sense to try and replicate that beer in today’s French Press Experiment. Lest you think I’m a major dropkick, I know the likelihood of French-pressing a few ingredients into a lager and getting it to taste just like some other beer is pretty frigging slim. I’m just using Taco as an inspiration.

Anyway, it’s science. The idea is to whack it all together and see what happens. So it’s back into the garden for some coriander – and maybe to the shop to buy a lime. Yeah I know I said the ingredients would be sourced from home but, hey, this is a chance to make a Taco beer (again, yes, I know it won’t actually taste like a Two Birds Taco. Sheesh).

Into the French press goes a handful of coriander and some grated zest from the lime. Then I figure I can’t be arsed grating all that zest so I quarter the lime and chuck that in to. This time around I opted to put it in the fridge for 10 minutes (I think the instructions for Dogfish Head’s Randall Jr – which is basically a French press anyway – recommends 10 minutes in the fridge. So that’s what I’m doing).

In terms of aroma, both the lime and coriander are more noticeable than in any previous experiment. No doubt that’s because the infusion time was doubled. As for the flavour, it doesn’t taste at all like Taco. Not a frigging bit. But I knew that. No, really I did. It wasn’t like I was hoping I’d stumble across an easy way to convert ordinary beer into Taco (okay, maybe I was hoping that. But just an eency weency bit).

That said, the peppery bite of the coriander does work with the lime in this el cheapo bashed-together version. But I’m not going to be making this in lieu of real Taco.

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