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Beers I Used To Drink – Day Four


Technically speaking this really isn’t a beer I used to drink. It’s a beer I still drink – sometimes. Those times are limited to occasions when I’m at a bar and the selection of beers on tap or in the fridges are; lager, lager or lager.

These days that’s less and less common because most bars will at least have a James Squire beer on tap or a bottle of Coopers in the fridge. But sometimes it does happen, and in those instances, my go-to beer is Carlton Draught.

Why? Well, I just reckon it tastes better than options like VB or Toohey’s New. Yes, that’s even though I reckon I’d totally screw up in a blind taste test and pick the VB as Carlton Draught. But I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who will express a preference for one macro beer over another while also admitting that any difference between them in terms of taste is likely to be microscopic.

Ahhh, beer geeks – we’re funny that way. I know all that but I’ll still opt for Carlton Draught over VB and think it’s a better beer. At least on tap, I swear it doesn’t taste as good out of the bottle. Maybe that’s because, at the bar, it’s ‘‘brewery fresh’’.

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  1. I agree, I can do a Carlton if that’s all on offer. But luckily there will usually be a Coopers or even a Little Creatures. If they have Carlton, they usually have something from James Squire or Matilda Bay as well, which is always preferable.

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