Beers I Used to Drink

Beers I Used to Drink – Day Five


Yes, I know the title of this week’s blogs is “BEERS I used to drink” and this is about a cider, which isn’t beer. But, hey, it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want. Anyway, it’s an anti-cider post so chill out.

These days I hate cider. This much (note: picture me spreading my arms as wide as they can possibly go when you read those words). Why? Well, because it’s cider. I hate the icky undercover RTDs that are so loaded up with sugary sweetness that they make my teeth decay when I walk past them in the bottle shop.

I also hate the tart ‘‘oh, we’re honest, real cider’’ type of cider. When I was a beer noob I tried to make myself like this sort of cider because it seemed like all the cool beer geeks liked quality cider. But I couldn’t do it – it just tastes terrible. And I don’t care what you say – you can’t make your taste buds like something.

But once upon a time, I did like cider. Back when I was in my late teens and started drinking regularly (a time which is also known as ‘‘hey, I’m at uni and they have a bar. Goodbye forever lecture halls’’). Still having a super-sweet unrefined kiddie sweet tooth, I gravitated to the super sweet Strongbow cider – albeit when it was in those old dark squat bottles (it was so long ago not even the internet has any photos of them) and not the can featured above.

I must have liked them then because I drank them for at least six months. But for this blog post, I tried a Strongbow for the first time in years and man, was it sweet. I’m still partial to sweet crap but the first sip of this made my mouth pucker up and my eyes wince at the pain of so much sugar.

Most people yearn to be young again, but not me. Not if it means I’ve have to go back to drinking this stuff regularly.

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