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GABS Brewer: Steve ‘‘Hendo’’ Henderson from BrewCult in Victoria

What beer are you making for GABS??????????????????????????????
A pepper steak Porter: A Vegan Beer Experience but Pepper Steak Porter for short.

Does it have a name yet?
Yes. Pepper Steak Porter.

Where did the inspiration come from?
A couple of years ago whilst working with Prickly Moses, two beer bloggers, Dave (@MelbDave) and Rian (@Rian_FBTE) came out to the brewery to do the brewer for a day experience. On these days we brewed two beers at the same time – one of the main brewhouse and the other on my 50L pilot system. Before they came out I said that they could make anything they wanted on the pilot system so after some thought, jokingly they said “Pepper Steak Porter”. I think they were eating those “Roadies” chips that you can buy at the supermarket at the time. So after some thought as to how to get meat into a beer I opted for smoked malt. So in essence, Pepper Steak Porter is a smoked, spiced porter.

I’ve brewed this beer twice as pilot batches and only my close friends have tried this beer. This beer was always destined to become a GABS beer so it’s only fitting that it’s BrewCult’s 2014 GABS beer.

Do you think it’ll be a one-off or are you considering adding it to the range after GABS?
This beer is pretty extreme. I can’t see it becoming part of the permanent line-up but an occasional release may be on the cards.

What do you think of the concept of GABS?
I love it – always have since the days it was at the Taphouses. I think Steve and Guy have made it a challenge to brewers to impose the rules to release a beer that they’ve never brewed before and throw it at a receptive crowd for the first time. I love the diversity of the lineup and the innovative beers that are released at GABS make it a world-class event up there with BeerAdvocate Extreme Beer Fest imho. Not that all of the beers are extreme but it’s the only beer of the calendar year where I can really take the blinkers off and do something fun.
There are so many beers at this year’s GABS but I will try to try them all.

The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (aka GABS) is on in Melbourne on May 23-25, 2014.

By the way, Hendo makes an appearance in the latest episode of the very good Ale of a Time podcast. Listen to it here. Yes, that’s an order.

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