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I have to be a marketeer’s wet dream. And to prove that point, I offer you the picture of Feral’s new label for their Hop Hog. It’s a part of the rebranding of their core range, which apparently started with the purchase of a $50 photocopier.

A large part of rebranding is to update the image of a product and make it more noticeable. We can become so used to the packaging of a particular product that it can tend to disappear when we look at it on a shelf full of similar products. What changing the packaging does is make the product stand out again, it makes you think it’s something new and it draws your attention to it.

And, in my case, makes me want to buy it again.
As soon as I saw the Hop Hog four-pack in its new livery sitting on the shelf at Dan Murphy’s, the susceptible part of my brain went ‘‘New beer! New beer! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! BUY IT! BUYIT! BUYIT! BUYIT!. Now’’.

At the same time the rational part of my brain went ‘‘look, you idiot, it’s not a new beer. You’ve had Hop Hog before. Heaps of times. It used to come in that green label with the picture of a bush pig’’.

But I didn’t hear that rational side at all. All I heard was ‘‘Buy it! Buy it!’’ and so I did. It’s not a huge dilemma – it meant I got a four-pack of a heaps tasty beer. But it is a little disconcerting at how easily I can be manipulated and distracted.

‘‘Ooooo, look, over there! Shiny thing!’’.

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