Wollongong Beer Alert!

Wollongong Beer Alert!


Let me tell you, buying beer that you know you’re not going to drink for another three weeks is a dicey proposition. But that’s what I did a few days ago – because I had to.

In case you didn’t already know, I’m off the booze for the month of February. But while I;m not drinking the stuff I can certainly buy it. And that’s what I had to do when I found Crown West Cellars in Wollongong had Sixpoint and Deschutes beers in stock. I’d been waiting for them to arrive since before Christmas, that’s when the guys there first told me they’d put an order in.

So I kept stopping in and asking ‘‘are they here yet?’’. And always being told ‘‘nope’’. Seems the guys had the option of taking a batch near the end of the best before date last year but opted to wait for a fresh batch.

And it was just my luck that the fresh batch had to arrive during my dry month. Still I had to buy some because I didn’t want to take a chance on waiting until March 1 to buy some because, by then, everyone might have beaten me to it.

And missing out altogether would suck even more than buying beer and having to wait three weeks to drink them.
So what have they got? Well, have a look at the photo above – I bought one of everything they had.

Eagle-eyed readers might also notice a Clown Shoes beer in there too. Yep, they have Galactica IPA and Clementine white ale as well – the latter beer doesn’t appear in the photo because I’ve already tried it and wanted to spend my dosh on new beers.

So come March I think you know what I’ll be drinking. Maybe not all in one night, though – that can of Resin is a 9.1 per cent beer with 103 IBU. That’s virtually a boozy night on its own.

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  1. You won’t be disappointed when you drink these beers 🙂 The Six Point stuff is amazing… All of it

  2. Its great that you get this stuff in Australia. If you’re into rye beers, pick up Righteous Ale from Sixpoint. One of my favorites!

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