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Drinking Dan’s Dry


Welcome to the first installment of Drinking Dan’s Dry, what will be an occasional series here at Beer Is Your Friend. The idea is simple – I’m going to drink one of every single beer in stock at my local Dan Murphy’s. Why? Well, I figured it’d be fun and it’ll also give me some impetus to actually drink those beers I always look at on the shelves but never buy. And maybe Dan’s might be nice guys and give me a gift card to allay some of the cost of purchasing all these beers. Never know your luck in the big city.

There are a few rules of this game.
1) I’m not going to write a post about every single beer I try. That would be boring. Rather I’ll touch base every now and again if I’ve had a beer that’s interesting, awful or which just inspires me to write something.

2) The arbiter of whether I’ve had a beer or not will be Untappd. If I haven’t checked one in, I haven’t had it. Doesn’t matter if I’m sure I’ve had it before. So, hello, Becks and the entire Monteith’s output. Damn.

3) Cider doesn’t count. Thank God. But radlers do. Damn.

4) Ginger beers might count. Again, damn. This one will be up to my discretion; if I decide it’s a genuine ginger beer (from a brewery, for instance) it counts. But if it’s a sweetened alcohol delivery device for teenagers, I don’t have to go anywhere near it.

5) Size doesn’t matter. Even if the same beer comes in throwdowns, stubbies, cans and longnecks, I only have to drink the beer once, rather than once for every size.

6) Imports don’t count either. Take Becks, my local Dan’s has the brewed under licence version in bottles but a fully imported option in 500ml cans. I define them as the same beer, but I would prefer to try the imported one (which I can’t do as it seems Dan’s only sells those 500ml cans in a case and not as singles. No frigging way am I buying a case of this).

And that’s it. There might be some other rules as we go along but I can’t think of any at the moment. So let’s kick off with a beer I thought would be a good start – Erdiner’s Kristall. Why is it a good start? Because I like hefeweizens and this is one of those, albeit a filtered version to remove the cloudiness.

But it wasn’t the good start I expected. See, there no banana aroma that I know and love and the banana flavour was only slight. The predominant flavour reminded more of a lager than a hefe. So much so that if someone handed me a glass of this and told me it was a weizen, I’d figure they were lying.

Quelle disappointment.

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  1. This is basically how I started my “craft beer journey”…before the time of Slowbeer and any other shop, bar or outlet with a craft beer range. Back then, I did have 3 Dan Murphy’s close to home, including one within a 5 minute walk. So each weekend I would head then and collect another 6 or so beers that I had never tried before. And to their credit, even back in 2007-08 that local Dan Murphys (Kew VIC) was stocking beers from the likes of Bridge Road, Red Hill, Murrays, Barons and Little Creatures.

    Sadly, now when I go to Dan’s I look at all these beers I’ve tried, pretty much every single one, and there are so few that I want to revisit.

    Thank goodness for Mountain Goat Hightail and Rarebreeds, Feral Hop Hog and Stone&Wood.

    • That’s what I like about Dan Murphy’s is that it gives people easy access to decent beer. And that’s significant in places that don’t have bottle shops remotely like Slowbeer.

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