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Drinking Dan’s Dry


When I started this Drinking Dan’s Dry challenge I suggested that it would be tops if Dan Murphy’s sent me a gift card to help with the purchases.

Well, that’s what they did. Bless their little beer-selling hearts. After a bit of a debate with myself as to what I should buy with it, I opted against using what was free money to purchase the crap mainstream lagers I’d need to complete the challenge. Instead I used it to buy two gift packs that included beers not sold individually – and which came with glassware.

Those packs were St Feuillien abbey beers from Belgium, which came with a very elegant-looking chalice-style glass, and an Paulaner Oktoberfest box that featured a one-litre can of their Oktoberfest beer and a bloody huge glass to hold it all. Don’t think I’ll be using that glass more than once.

The Paulaner hasn’t been drunk yet but two of the St Feuillien beers have. I’d never heard of this brewery before, though that doesn’t mean much – there are loads of Belgian breweries I’d never heard of. Those beers are the blonde and the tripel (the brun) is the undrunk one).

To be honest, if it weren’t for the labels on those two bottles, I’d have had a hard time picking the two apart. The blonde boasted the orange peel aroma and flavour you expect, and a hint of bubblegum. And it didn’t seem like a 7.5 per cent beer either. But there was an annoying effervescence too – the beer was quite bubbly.

The tripel was virtually identical – same orange aroma, same irritating bubbles. And same ability to camouflage a high alcohol count. Can’t say I’d want to drink them again but I did at least get a great new beer glass out of the deal.

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