The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – November 28, 2014

Number 1: This tweet from @matthewbeggs

What a great way of looking at the whole “craft beer hipster” dis. Instead of being upset, embrace the fact that people think you’re cool. Not that I worry about being cool. No, really, I don’t. Honestly.

Number 2: The Crafty Pint – The Pondering Pint – Beer in the Media
Lately good beer has been getting a bit of play in the mainstream media. But they tend to get things wrong, or seem to be an excuse to mock the straw man that is the “craft beer hipster” (see No3 below). I’ve been thinking about writing something about it soon and I probably still will, even though James Smith does an excellent job here.

Number 3: The Herald Sun – Rich and Pour: Beer Snobs Pay $23 a Pint
Yes, we might. But we wouldn’t do it very often. Though the implication here is that “hipsters” drink $23 beers all the time. And what’s with the bullshit of having “ridiculous” in quote marks in the intro? No-one in the story is quoted as saying it’s ridiculous – which means it’s just the journo’s own opinion. Great, it’s ridiculous just ’cause you think so.

Number 4: This photo from the Spring 2007 cover of Beer and Brewer magazine
This is the front and back cover of the magazine. I very much doubt we’d see such a cover today. Ahh, how times change.


Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – Drinking Dan’s Dry
In which I start on a stupid quest to drink one of every beer at my local Dan Murphy’s. Ye Gods, what was I thinking?

Number 6: …And it’s not beer, but you’ll like it.

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