Dark Beer Week

Dark Beer Week – Day Six


I love a good stout but dark beers scare off some people. Perhaps it’s because they look so heavy and murky compared to the mainstream lagers they think of as ‘‘beer’’. Or perhaps they’ve tried one or two and didn’t care much for the uber-roastiness.

I don’t have much sympathy for the former, but can understand the latter. That’s because I’m not a fan of the uber-roasty beers myself. For those people I suggest they try Young’s Double Chocolate Stout because it’s frigging delicious.

The name is no lie – they have doubled up on the chocolate here. Both chocolate malt and real dark chocolate pieces have gone into this beer. The malt alone would have given it a bit of chocolately flavour but the addition of the real thing just gives it heaps.

For mine, this is a beer that reminds me of a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate – it’s tasty, creamy and not too sweet. Sure, there are some roasty notes that pop up here and there but it’s delicious chocolate tastes that dominate.

So if you’ve shied away from stouts previously, do yourself a favour and give this a try. I reckon it’ll change your mind in a big way.

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