Dark Beer Week

Dark Beer Week – Day Five


Porters and stouts tend to be the easiest styles for me to find faults in. Well, “faults” isn’t the right word here, probably “things I don’t like about the beer”.

So while a heavy coffee roastiness isn’t necessarily a fault in a dark beer, it is something I’m not a fan of (perhaps because I’m also not that fussy when it comes to drinking coffee – I can equally drink the instant coffee at work or go buy a cappuccino and be fine with either).

I don’t need to worry about finding faults with Bridge Road Brewers Robust Porter. Because there at aren’t any. The flavours of coffee and dark chocolate are very balanced – and very delicious. There is even a hint of licorice hanging around there too.

It’s a beer that is thick, rich and delicious. And also very worth your while to seek it out this winter.

It's your shout

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