Be excited! It’s back!


You know what’s good?

When the Illawarra Brewing Company releases an awesome seasonal called Apocalypso and it quickly becomes your absolute favourite IBC beer. When you realise it’s just a seasonal, you keep pestering the brewers to make it again that they eventually acquiesce and starting brewing it again. Not only that but they add it to their regular range.*

When I heard that was happening and that it would be on growler to boot, you can bet your arse I headed down to the brewhouse as soon as I could to make sure I got me some of this fine, fine IPA. There is one change from the seasonal version – the Belma hops have been replaced by El Dorado. That was because the Belma wasn’t doing a lot in the beer, so they changed it up a bit.

But it’s still a great, great beer. There is perhaps a bit more bitterness this time around (a result of the El Dorado perhaps) but the mango/tropical fruitiness is still there. I’d recommend you go and try some but that would leave less for me – so please, leave it alone so I can have it all. If I had a tap system at home I’d probably pester the guys for a keg of the stuff.

On the growler front down at the brewhouse, things are going gangbusters. They’ve sold out of their initial interim growlers and now have their own official “Illawarra Brewing Company” growlers in stock. And they seem to get as many as 50 people in on a Friday afternoon filling up a growler for the weekend. So it’s glad to see that it’s such a success, both for the guys at the brewery and for me (why me? Well, if it’s a success then I can keep getting more growlers of Apocalypso).

* I am actually grossly overstating my role in the reintroduction of Apocalypso. It would be more realistic for me to say that my pestering had nothing to do with it. It seems the beer is back because they wanted to add an IPA to their regular line-up. While they did know that I was a guarantee for buying several growlers’ worth of the stuff, I really doubt that had any influence on their decision.

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