Dark Beer Week

Dark Beer Week – Day Seven


Sometimes it helps to read the label a bit before buying a beer. See, I picked up this Brooklyn Brewery chocolate stout from the bottle shop up north at Coledale because it’s from Brooklyn Brewery. Hey, I figured that reasoning was good enough for me.

So I brought it home, expecting delicious chocolately goings-on, as per the beer’s name. When I smelled it I got my expectations raised a bit more as it let off a nice dark chocolate aroma. Then I tasted it and got a massive whack of alcohol, so much so that it felt like I was drinking liqueur rather than beer.

So I then thought to look at the label closely and found the alcohol content – 10 per cent! Jeebus, it’s an imperial stout. That gave me a bit of a shock, and perhaps would have made me think twice about buying it.

Oh, who am I kidding? No it wouldn’t. If I saw that alcohol count before I bought it, I still would have bought the beer because I’d think ‘‘wow, I really want to see what a 10 per cent beer tastes like’’.

I’d have to say, however, that I’d be unlikely to buy this beer again.
For me that alcohol hit was overpowering. I’m all for imperial stouts (and other styles as well) but I still prefer them to be a bit palatable too.

But maybe that’s just me.

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