Homebrew hopes


What you see above is the secret ingredient in my latest batch of homebrew. Okay, sure, it’s hardly “secret” given that I’ve included a picture of it. Which I guess just makes it an ingredient.

Anyway, it’s kiwi fruit – about 1.8kg of the stuff. It was hard work peeling them and then dicing them, because I love kiwi fruit and had to refrain from eating them. The recipe is for a kiwi witbier that, in part comes from the Sam Calagione book Extreme Brewing. I’m not sure what’s “extreme” about a witbier with kiwi fruit but, hey, Sam’s got more experience at brewing than me so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

The part that came from the book was the inclusion of the kiwi fruit, the rest of the recipe was based on a previous witbier that I made called Sarcasm. I opted for that recipe because it worked last time. That was important to me because some of my more recent efforts haven’t ended well.

This beer is based on the Sarcasm recipe. The only change are replacing orange peel with kiwi fruit, adding an extra 5g of coriander seed because of the extra fruit involved and going for a proper Belgian ale yeast (and a liquid one as well, which was a bit of a concern as the only other time I used it was in one of those other dodgy brews, where the fermentation didn’t kick off for more than 24 hours). Fortunately, fermentation started this time within the expected parameters on the yeast vial.

Because this beer is essentially the brother to Sarcasm, that has influenced my name selection for the kiwi beer. Sarcasm is closely related to cynicism in my book so, in about four weeks time I’m hoping to be drinking some tasty beer called The Cynic.

After a few dodgy efforts recently, I need a homebrew that’s a winner.

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