What's in the fridge?

What’s in the fridge – Day one


A few days ago I wrote of buying beers even though I already had more than enough at home.

That got me to thinking that I should drinking them if I’ve got ’em rather than buying new stuff. With that in mind, I’ve taken the big step of declaring February The Month of Buying No New Beer. Yep, for the whole month I plan on buying nothing new and instead, drinking what I’ve already got.

Now permit me to offer a few clarifications. That Racer 5 I blogged about a few days ago was bought at the end of January. And that homebrew I made this month? Well, that wasn’t beer when I bought it, so that doesn’t count. And I did join the Bridge Road Brewers Posse, which might deliver me some beer this month but I put that order in last month too.

So the idea is to spend no money on take-home beer this month (a sneaky caveat that allowed me to attend the beer and wine festival at the Towradgi Beach Hotel today). The other idea is to spend each day this week blogging a bit about one beer that’s been sitting in the beer fridge for a while but which will get drunk because of the new beer moratorium.

The first beer is a Kozel Premium that I bought for the Beer Is Your Friend Beer Olympics last year. I’d found a late replacement and so the Kozel didn’t get a look-in and so it sat in the beer fridge for six months. I’d thought about drinking this in the months since the Oympics, because I’d never had it before, which made it a unique check-in with Untappd, but never got around to it.

Until now. And it’s an interesting number. According to Untappd, it’s a blonde lager, which is the second-blandest style of beer in the world (what’s the blandest? The little-known “you’re actually drinking water” style). But it’s not a frigging blonde lager at all. At least it’s not like any blonde lager I’m familiar with. If anything, it’s a malt-driven pilsner, but with some bubblegum and postage-stamp gum flavour.

Okay, so I don’t know what sort of style it really is. But it ain’t a blonde lager.

Would I drink it again?: Yeah, why not? I might have worked out what the hell the style is by then.

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  1. This is a great idea and something I’m trying my best at right now. I bought a haul of beers in mid-January and promised myself I’d go until March without buying anything new, except a six-pack of HopSlam because, well, it’s HopSlam.

    The hardest part is avoiding my favorite bottle shop. If I step foot inside, I know I’m leaving with something…

    Only 18 more days to go!

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