What's in the fridge?

What’s in the fridge – Day two


Okay, so this Unifikator from Temple Brewing hasn’t been in the fridge all that long. It was part of a box of wonderful beers from Temple beer in Melbourne. While I had sampled all the other beers in the box I hadn’t gotten around to this one.

I could say I was saving the best til last but that wouldn’t be true. At least not in terms of me deliberately holding back on this one. But it is true that this is the best of a very good batch of Temple beers.

It’s a weizenbock made in collaboration with Weihenstephan brewery in Germany. Not sure how that collaboration works; whether one brewer visits the other face to face or if they just send emails back and forth; “what do you think of this?”, “that’s good, but maybe put more bananas in it”.

Okay, so I know they didn’t put any actual bananas in it but, like a good weizen, there’s loads of banana flavour here. And caramel too. And some toffee. It’s like eating a caramel-coated banana and then sucking on a toffee.

In a word, delicious. I had the Temple smoked weizen on tap at The Pumphouse. That was great – but this is even better.

I think it’s a limited release. Which is a pity – it needs to be part of their regular range. Or I need to find someone locally who sells this.

Would I drink it again?: Yes. And then again. And again. And again.

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