I don’t get it

To celebrate Father’s Day last Sunday, my wife took me to the Illawarra Brewery.
Because I said that’s where I wanted to go. Ever since I’ve fallen heavily for good beer it’s my go-to place any time things like Father’s Day or my birthday roll around.
The place is even more appealing now that they have those swinging taps. When I was there on Sunday, they’d just put on that coffee IPA from Mountain Goat. Yum.
Anyway, sitting at a table near us were three guys and a girl. The girl had a bottle of Corona in front of her while the trio of blokes had schooners with very weak-coloured beer in them – mainstream beer in other words.

Corona – the only beer that tastes the same whether the bottle is full or empty.

And I just couldn’t understand why they would do such a thing. They’re in a venue that serves about six of its own beers as well as three from other breweries, a venue that prides itself on that fact. And yet they turn up at such a venue, forsake all those beers that are unique to the establishment, and instead opt for mainstream beers they could buy in any pub in the country.
I just don’t get it.
It’s not the first time I’ve felt that way. I’ve been at the brewery before and watched as someone has requested a Crown Lager. That obviously raised my hackles because I despise Crown Lager. But I also felt vaguely offended on behalf of the brewery. It felt like this person had just called up the devil in church by ordering such a vile beer in a venue that offers so many good ones of its own.
I just don’t get it.
Why do people bother going to a place that had great beer on tap if they’re not going to drink any of it. I mean, “why are you there?”.  You like ordinary beer, that’s fine (it’s also your loss), so why not go to one of the millions of venues that specialise in selling ordinary beer on tap?
Why, instead, do you go out of your way to visit a venue that serves craft beer, only to totally ignore the stuff?

I just don’t frigging get it. It’s like going to a Chinese restaurant and asking for a hamburger. It makes no goddamn sense.

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  1. venues still need to offer an alternative mainstream beer. i also am undergoing a transformation to Craft in my shop and am mindfull of putting my mainstream prices up. i don’t want to scare customers off if there is a chance i can convert more to the world of craft. Amaizingly I am converting OP rum drinkers to porter. (just something i worked out)
    back to on premise – say you and some mates want to go for a beer somewhere. 4 like craft and 2 dont. the crafties can always find something at a normal pub but the mainstreamers cant, so the craft venue risks losing all 6. patrons – and you can get steak and chips in a chinese restaurant

    • Hi Brett,
      I totally understand why a venue would offer both mainstream and craft beers – it’s all about appealing to as broad a market as possible.
      The thing I don’t get is regarding the patrons. If they’ve turned up at a craft beer pub, for whatever reason, why don’t they at least give the craft beer a go before ordering their usual mainstream stuff.

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