Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day Nine


Country: Belgium
Beer: Hoegaarden

My wife is out tonight at dinner with friends, which is really the only time I’d be able to drink this beer in peace. She’s a mad Hoegaarden fan – she was drinking it long before I was a craft beer nerd and certainly long before I’d even heard of it.
“it’s a white beer,” she would say. Which just made me imagine a beer that looked like milk. But now I know better, and I know a lot more about beer. Including knowing enough to realise she was always right about Hoegaarden. She might not much like IPAs or any beer that’s black in colour or which features hops that aren’t super fruity like galaxy, but she’s right about this beer from Belgium.
I love that pale cloudy colour (that kind of looks like watery pear cider) and that wonderful orange peel and coriander flavour. Jeez it’s good.
Would I drink it again?: Yep, mainly when my wife is at dinner. Otherwise I’d have to give it to her.

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