Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day Eight

Country: Norway
Beer: Smoke Without Fire by HaandBryggeriet
I’ll always remember the first time I tried a HaandBryggeriet beer – because it was a stupid decision.
That’s not a criticism of the Handy beer (I will call the brewery Handy because it’s less of a pain than typing the full name. Which I’d probably misspell and look like an idiot. Or more of an idiot.) but rather a dig at myself.
See, I was down at the Local Taphouse in St Kilda in January for my birthday. After trying more than a few beers and being a bit tipsy I saw the Handy Dark Force on the bottled beer menu. It said it was an imperial wheat stout. ‘‘Imperial wheat stout? I’ve never heard of such a thing, I’ve got to try that.’’
And so I stupidly bought an imperial stout on a hot 30 degree day. And then had to slog through it on my own because my wife won’t touch dark beer.
In winter I’m sure it would be awesome but in summer? Not really.
So the second one I tried was this Smoke Without Fire. It’s a dark beer and it’s not summer, which was a plus.
It’s a beer made with smoked malt, which is meant to impart a smoky aroma and flavour to the beer. I did get that but after one mouthful my ability to taste the smokiness totally disappeared. All I got was a slight, slight note of smoke right at the back end.
Which was odd because with the other smoke beers I’ve had that smoky character is noticeable all the way through to the end
Would I drink it again?: Ummm, probably not. I don’t really see the point of drinking a smoke beer that doesn’t seem to taste much like smoke.

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