Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day 10


Country: Indonesia
Beer: Bintang

It’s seldom a good sign if a product or business is best known as a T-shirt. Remember those Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts that were so cool in the early 1990s? I do, because I was one of the unwashed hordes who had one, but who had never been to a Hard Rock Cafe. Couldn’t have even told you where one of those cafes were.

I feel the same about Bintang. I know it’s a beer but I reckon I’ve seen their shirts more often that I’ve seen their beer bottles. And sometimes I’ve seen them on a kid – call me old-fashioned but there’s something not right about a kid wearing a beer T-shirt.

So using the T-shirt index, I’d long ago figured that Bintang the beer was crap. And, yep, it is crap. Thin in colour with a dull malt aroma and flavour. The sort of beer for people who don’t know any better.
Would I drink it again?: Well,I will most likely finish this bottle but can’t fathom a situation where I’d drink another one.

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