Kids and beer


As a matter of fact kids and beer do mix – just not in the way you might think.

About a week ago, we went up to Sydney to take our daughter to the Powerhouse Museum. We figured she’d like it as she’s got a bit of a thing for science, which is odd for a four-year-old. And there was a Wiggles exhibition too, and it wasn’t surprising at all that she spent so much time there.

Aside from that it was a mad rush through the place as our daughter has a habit of forever shouting “look at this! Look at this!” and, as soon as you look at it, she’s at the next exhibit, shouting “look at this! Look at this!”.

So the visit was an educational but exhausting experience. Which meant I’d earned myself a beer (thereby explaining the “kids and beer” reference at the start). The Pumphouse at Darling Harbour was around the corner (sort of) from the Powerhouse, so we ducked in there for one. I’d checked the beer list on my phone and was stoked to find Temple’s Midnight IPA on tap. But when we got there it was clear they hadn’t updated the list.

So I opted for a pint of Ekim Brewing’s Beserka. Just as the dude started pouring, I spotted a Temple tap at the other end and kicked myself for not noticing it earlier (I decided that an obscenely fat man had been standing at the bar to explain why I missed that Temple tap).

While I’d had and enjoyed a few of the Ekim beers – particularly the After Battle Pale – I wasn’t impressed with the Berserka. In the glass it looks like someone’s thrown a chunk of clay into a glass of water; it’s rather unattractively cloudy (as you can see from the picture at the top of this post). And the taste is odd with a weird mixture of spicy and fruity hops creating a confusing beer. You know you’re not a fan of a beer when you regret buying a pint of it.

But my wife, bless her heart, said we could share one for the road. So I went straight for the Temple tap, which wasn’t for the Midnight IPA but for a Smoked Weizen. And that was a splendid beer. Being a smokey hefeweizen, it’s like eating bananas over a smoky barbecue. As far as I know they don’t put this into bottles but jeez I wish they did. I’d be buying more than a few of them.

Would I drink them again?: That’s a no with the Berserka. It’s a beer that’s suffering an identity crisis (“do I want to be a fruity IPA or a spicy one?”). But it’s a definite yes for the Temple Smoked Weizen. Even though I’ll likely never get the chance again – I can’t see pubs in Wollongong rushing to put that on tap. Which is a crying shame.

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  1. It’s interesting to read about Berserka from 2012. I tried it earlier this year and it blew me away! I’d say Mike from Ekim has fine-tuned it a lot since then…and renamed it Berserker if course.

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