bottle shop

What the hell is that doing here?

So the wife and I took our daughter out to Thirlmere to check out Trainworks and the Thomas the Tank Engine. The trip came about as a result of my day job as a journo and beer column writer extraordinaire; I was there to check out Thirlmere and Trainworks ahead of next month’s winter beer festival.
I could bang on about how much my daughter loved the Thomas day but I doubt you care. And besides this is a beer blog, not a train blog. A surprise highlight of the day was stumbling across a cracking good bottle shop. I’d done a bit of advance research online to find a place to get a decent six-pack and found that a place stocked Little Creatures Single Batch – Brett’s Bottlemart. So I figured that was a good sign.
There was an even better one outside Brett’s shop. A big chalkboard sign that mentioned that he stocked Holgate and Feral, among others. What? There’s not a bottle shop in Wollongong that stocks beers from either of those two brewers, and yet here was a place in the small town of Thirlmere that had them both.
They also had Holgate’s limited release Beezlebub’s Jewels and some other crafty bits and pieces (my purchases are pictured above. The rest of the Hop Hog four-pack isn’t pictured as I’d already drunk it by the time I took the photo).
And Brett (at least I assume it was Brett who was behind the counter when I was there) says he’s also about to offer growlers. Again, I say, what? There’s not a bottle shop in Wollongong that offers growlers and this one in little Thirlmere is about to offer them.
Thirlmere I envy you. And I hope Wollongong bottle shops are paying attention. If a bottle shop in a small town like Thirlmere can have a bottle shop selling great craft beers and growlers then there’s no reason Wollongong can’t.

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