The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – June 27, 2014

Number 1: A tweet from @beergirlbites

You know what a “girl beer” is? It’s whatever beer the girl drinks. End of goddamn story.

Number 2: The Bottleneck – I’m Not Racist, but…
Don’t get all outraged by the blog post title, it’s not what you think. Unless you thought it would be a post about blogger Dylan Jauslin’s dislike of black IPAs, mixed in with some cat gifs. In that case, it’s exactly what you think.

Number 3: The Six-pack belt holder
belt-beer-sixpackYes, there is a company that sells these things. No, I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want to be a party to encouraging anyone to buy one of these. They even sell a version in pink…you know, for the ladies. Firstly it looks ridiculously uncomfortable. And secondly, wouldn’t the beer be warm? A better idea – just leave the beer in the esky and forget about buying this stupid thing.

Number 4: Beer Diary – Get More for Your Beer
It’s a couple of years old but this post from New Zealand’s Phil Cook is still a great  guide to beer. It also makes me think about giving up this blogging caper, because I don’t reckon I’ll ever manage to corral words together in such an entertaining order. Yes sir, the man can write.

Number 5: The Artful Pint – 8 Craft Beer Trends That Are Overhyped, Played Out, or That I Just Don’t Get
Some of these are likely to get a few beer geeks hot under the collar (barrel ageing is crap?) but I agree with Bob’s attitude to canning beer and session beers.

Number 6: Beer Is Your Friend – Kids and beer
In which I figure I’ve earned a few beers after chasing my daughter around the Powerhouse Museum for a few hours.


…And it’s not beer, but you’ll like it.

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