Talk about disappointing


There’s a bit of a story behind this beer. Not to do with the beer itself but how I came to acquire it.
And the story is probably more interesting than the beer.
See, I headed out to the Little Bottler bottle shop in Unanderra (a Wollongong suburb not noted for quality items). I’d heard they might stock a few craft beers so, very skeptical, I headed down there to check it out.
I was quite surprised to find that they had a fridge shelf full of Unibroue beers. Surprised because the Canadian brewery stopped exporting to Australia at least a year earlier. This I know because my brother was a huge fan and was gutted when he couldn’t find them anywhere.
So I called him to say I found some for him. Though not before I bought a few for myself – a Maudite and a Fin Du Monde. The latter has to be one of the finest beers ever made.
For some dubious reason my brother had stopped drinking about four months before I told him of my find. It knocked him off the wagon and down to Unanderra where he bought a mixed case of the stuff. And, at $20 a bottle, that’s not a cheap case.
As a finder’s fee he paid for a beer I had chosen for myself – a Bleddyn 1075 ale from The Celt Experience Brewery, a brewery I’d never heard of before. I also scored a Unibroue chalice, when the bottle shop owner decided to reward my brother’s expensive purpose with a pair of branded beer glass.
The Bleddyn beer sat in the fridge for about two months before I got around to drinking it tonight. The reason for the delay was, between homebrew and purchased beer, I have plenty of the stuff to get through.
When I pulled the bottle out it was all sticky – something in the fridge must have leaked on the shelf. Coming in a nice squat bottle and with a simple yet stylish label, I was expecting good things from this beer. Alas good things did not come. There is some nice spiciest from the hops but overall it tasted to me like one of those beers mainstream breweries put out under the tag of “premium beer” to try and trick beer drinkers into thinking it’s a quality craft beer.
On the bright side, at least I didn’t waste my money on this beer. I wasted my brother’s money.
Would I drink it again?: Doubtful. Even if my brother did buy me another bottle.

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