Limited release

A one-of-a-kind beer


Most beers hang around for yonks, so they’re easy to get a hold of. They can sit in the beer fridge for months until a mate recommends it as a good beer and you can go find it no worries.
But then there are those beers that are much more rare (and I’m talking serious beers here not the weirdo gimmicky stuff like Brewdog’s End of History which featured beer bottles made from dead stuffed animals) At the big end there’s stuff like Little Creatures’ Single Batch and the beers from the James Squire Mad Brewers skunkworks. Beers that, while they are a limited release, aren’t too taxing to find.
Then there’s your seasonals and annual releases, like the various hop harvest beers and Coopers Extra Vintage Ale.
Then there’s the really rare stuff, the beers that are made for a specific occasion. One such occasion was the 20th Australian International Beer Awards. To mark the AIBAs Feral and 2 Brothers got together to make a beer they called The Collaborator (is it just me or does that name conjure up bad images of World War II France?).
This wasn’t an easy beer to find (but a lot of good beers are hard to find in Wollongong) – I had to order it from Slowbeer in Melbourne. Though that was a good excuse to order a stack of others while I was at it.
And I am so glad I did because it’s a lovely beer. It’s a darkish cola-like colour but has a quite fruity aroma (I got heaps of pineapple), which was surprising in a dark beer.
The flavour is of pineapple, a bit of chocolate and a hint of coffee. Kind of like eating a pineapple lump with a coffee. But with alcohol added of course.
Would I drink it again?: You betcha. Though it’s not like I’m going to have much of a chance given that it’s a limited release. Maybe I need to work out how to make a homebrew version.

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