Homebrewing of the future?

Not entirely sure how I feel about this homebrewing innovation. One the one hand, I love a good gadget. And, as the video promises, it just takes seven days to make your beer and all at the push of a few buttons.
It’s apparently good beer too – a guy making just his third brew with this machine ended up winning a gold medal at the Asian Beer Awards (though I’m not sure what the rest of the beers in that category were like).
But as a newbie homebrewer, I like the more hands-on nature of making in a plastic fermenter. It somehow feels more hands-on, more “do it yourself”. I like looking at the beer brewing in the fermenter, I like taking hydrometer readings, I like the trial and error aspect. I even like the bottling process.
This way, for me, it feels like I’m truly making something. And, as anyone whose ever made something with their hands will know, there’s a great sense of pride in that. I’m always chuffed when someone tries a beer I’ve made, because I know that there’s been some effort that’s gone into it.
Not sure I’d feel quite the same way if I knew that all I’d done was pour in some ingredients, pressed a button and then just waited for seven days.
Sure, it may give you great beer in the end. But for me homebrewing is just as much about the process as it is the end result.

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