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Five Things About … Little Creatures’ The Fuggle is Real

1) I’d never really thought about it before but struck me as a bit odd that Little Creatures doesn’t really have a winter beer in their core range. Oh yeah, they’ve got Rogers’ (which I love because the name is evidence they know how to use an apostrophe properly) but that’s just 3.8 per cent. Normally I’m a fan of a good mid-strength but when it comes to winter beers, you’ve got to at least crack the 5 per cent ceiling.

2) I know they’re based in Western Australia where the idea of winter means having to wear shoes instead of thongs with your shorts and T-shirt, but they know their way around a face-slapping winter beer. To wit, their Dreadnought, a stout that clocked in at 67 per cent alcohol. Okay, so it was around 7 per cent but jeez it was dark and strong. I had one fairly early on in my good beer journey and that damn thing scared the pants off me.

3) Dreadnought was one of the Single Batch creations, which seems to be where they hide their winter beers. That range also had an oatmeal stout, a Belgiany thing called The Quiet American and a rye porter called Mr Obadiah. They were generally pretty good but they never hung around too long.

4) Well Little Creatures has created another dark beer as a winter seasonal, but I have a feeling this one might become more permanent. I’m not suggesting I have any inside info here. It’s not like I have a mole in the LC headquarters or anything. I just think when you put a stout into a can it suggests it will be around more. Kind of like what they did with the canned Dog Days – that was a seasonal that is now in the core range.

5) Little Creatures would be frigging crazy not to make The Fuggle is Real (that’s the name of this beer, by the way, I realise I’ve neglected to mention it until now) a core beer. Because it’s bloody marvellous. There’s choc-coffee flavours and what seems like a delicious bite of lactose-like sweetness (though the press release doesn’t mention there’s any lactose here). Surprisingly for a beer that carries the name of a hop, there’s not much bitterness at all. It’s the malts here that are the stars of the show.

Free or paid for?: The people at Little Creatures sent me a few cans. But I can see myself buying a sixer or two of this stuff. You know, just in case they’re crazy and they DON’T include this in their core range.

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