GABS Brewer 2018

GABS Brewer 2018 – HopDog BeerWorks

GABS Brewer 2018: Tim Thomas from Hopdog BeerWorks

What sort of beer are you making for GABS?
A kettle soured, Brett fermented golden ale with citrus. Think sour, tart, horsey, wild and funky with over and undertones of citrus poking it’s head through. Not overly bitter, but plenty of hop aroma to compliment the citrus additions.

What’s it called?
A Clockwork Golem

Where did the inspiration come from?
The name? A Pathfinder monster manual. The beer? I’ve been toying around with a “double soured” beer for a while, using both lacto to kettle sour, and then SS tank ferment with Bretts. The citrus? Because it’s moving into citrus season again.

Would you still drink craft beer if it was all alcohol-free?
No. That’s like asking if I’d still eat meat if it wasn’t made from tasty animals. The alcohol is kind of half the fun, and have you ever tasted alcohol free beer?

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve had someone say to you about beer?
One of my favourites is when old guys get told by their doctors that they can only drink premium light or blonde/low carb beers as they have diabetes… If they drank half the amount of beer, and make it good beer, then I’m sure it would be fine. I’m not a medical doctor, but I’m pretty sure a life of light beer is a life of no beer at all.

The Great Australian Beer Spectapular is on in Melbourne on May 18-20 at the Royal Exhibition Building, Sydney on June 2 at the Sydney Showground and ASB Showgrounds in Auckland on June 30.

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