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Five Things About … Roam Flavour Fusion Beer


1) I drank these more than a month ago, with the view to writing something about them on the blog. A week or so ago I was at a bottle shop and saw packs of them in the fridge and it reminded me I hadn’t actually written anything.. “Jeez,” I thought, “If I’m going to subject myself to drinking these things, I should at least get a blog post out of it.” So I flipped through my notebook to find what I’d jotted down about these things.

2) I say things, because I’m not sure what to actually call them. They’re alcopops with beer in them. One is beer with vokda and watermelon while the other features tequila and lime. The website calls it a “flavour fusion beer”. Because, you know, beer on its own is totally flavourless.

3) This is just a weird, weird idea. Maybe I follow the wrong people on social media but I totally missed the clamour for beer mixed with vodka. Seriously, who is this for? Alcopops are for kiddies with a palate attuned to sweetness from years of drinking soft drinks and energy drinks. They’re not going to drink this, because it’s not sweet. And those who prefer beer aren’t going to want this because, hey, it’s not really beer at all. I just don’t see where the market is. Unless it’s cheapskates – because a case of this is priced at least $10 cheaper than the  alcopops (once you equal things out because Vodka Crusiers and the like come in 10-packs, compared to Roam’s case of 24).

4) But those cheapskates are just as likely to go for the bargain basement beers like Uberbrau, which are almost $20 cheaper per case than Roam. Which leaves this Roam concoction very much in no-man’s land.

5) To prove I actually drank both of these, here’s a snapshot of them.
|The tequila and lime one: It carries an aroma like a lime soft drink. There are some tequila flavours in the drink, but not very good ones and the combination with the beer is just wrong. It all ends with a slightly chemical tang.
The watermelon and vodka one: It’s the better of the two, which isn’t saying much. The aroma is like candy watermelon rather than the real thing. Overall, the beer, vodka and watermelon is balanced better here – though the watermelon seems to be the dominant flavour. The vodka itself doesn’t seem noticeable until right at the back end.

Free or paid for?: I bought a bottle of each. So glad I wasn’t foolish enough to buy a six-pack.


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  1. In the UK, the tequila flavour beer by Heineken, Desperados, has been hugely successful. I’m not sure who actually drinks it, and why, but there’s clearly a market for these things.

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