The Thursday Quote

“It’s a common first world problem at summer music festivals: the bar queues are long, the exclusive corporate beer on offer is not just overpriced: it also tastes like, well, piss.
“Danish farmers have taken things to the next level with an innovative process called ‘beer-cycling’: brewing a new beer using urine collected from guests at the popular Roskilde festival.
“In 2015, Denmark’s agriculture and food council collected 54,000 litres of urine from festival-goers. The urine was then transformed into fertiliser, yielding 11 tonnes of malting barley.
“After harvesting and brewing, the beer-dubbed “Pisner” – not Pilsner – will be released on the market in June.”

Danish farmers take the piss by turning urine into beer
Derek Scally
The Irish Times, Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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