Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Moon Dog’s Beer Can



1) Once upon a time there was a brewery called Moon Dog. And they made some interesting beers. But they were also a bit hit and miss when it came to quality. In the early years, when I was about to open one of their beers, I’d do it over the sink because there was a decent chance it would be a gusher. Sometimes I’d lost more than half the bottle down the sink. Other times a beer could lack carbonation or even, perhaps, be a bit infected.

2) It got to a stage where I stopped buying their beers due to the inconsistency in terms of quality. But everything changed a few years ago; the beers became consistent, I started buying them again and I’ve not had a bad one since. I’ve had a few good ones: Odgen Nash’s Pash Rash (the Redskin beer), the grapefruit and cucumber IPA and Splice of Heaven to name a few.

3) To name another one, I’ll add Beer Can. Which is a beer in a beer can – who da thunk it? But what sort of beer? That was a bit of a mystery as it doesn’t appear to list a style anywhere on the can. Which I kind of like – it’s the same as what Sixpoint do. It means you get to let your taste buds decide what the beer is.

4) And so I decided this was a Mexican lager. Okay, yes, I cheated and read the description over at Crafty Pint. But I did buy the beer before I knew what it was (mainly because I just love the look of the can). Glad I did too, because it’s a lovely beer to drink on a stinking hot weekend, which is what we had in Wollongong a week ago.

5) There is a Mexican lagery base here but it’s made better by the inclusion of some cold press tropical fruit juice (again, info gleaned from Crafty Pint). There’s also more bitterness than you’d expect from a Mexican lagery beer – but not enough that it all gets bit silly. And it’s sooo good on a hot day.

Free or paid for?: Paid for. And they’re selling 10-pack cans of it at Dan’s at a price that equates to $3 a can. Can’t knock that price.

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