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Five Things About … Stockade Brewing’s 8Bit IPA


1) Stockade Brew Company – the craft beer arm of contract brewer Brewpack – have been doing some very good things and some other things that are, well, not quite so good.

2) Let’s get to the “not so good” things first. I don’t like some of their beer labels, in particular the buxom blonde on the Sesh beer (which you can see in this post here) and the red IPA known as Red Light Robot, which features two robots having a root. That one, you can see here. Now I just don’t get why they would run with labels like that. Though to be fair, they have since tinkered with the Robot label – raising the name of the beer so it covers the robots’ rude groin action. So it’s a little less off-putting.

3) But some of their labels are great – like the Hopzilla, which features a robot turtle fighting with a Voltron-esque rabbit. Another winner is the label above for their 8Bit IPA. I just love the bright colours of it and the retro video game feel. Incidentally, the last time I played video games, it was at that blocky, low-tech resolution. So the label also works as a trigger for some old, old memories.

4) And the beer is pretty damned fine too. I’d already had a bottle before the brewery sent me this one as part of a review box (which also included the equally excellent Hopzilla – a hoppy weizen) so I knew what to expect when I cracked it open. It’s really nice and juicy, with a decent level of tropical fruit flavours. If you see this in the fridge at your local bottlo then make sure you grab some.

5) In case it wasn’t clear from the fourth thing, this beer – as well as a few others – was a freebie from Stockade Brewing. Getting free beer in the mail is always nice – though, it’s not really “free” in that I have to write this post about it (I tend to try and write something about most things I get sent). I just mention here that it’s a freebie so you can take that on board when reading the review. That sort of declaration is something I keep meaning to do but usually forget. This post from Luke at Ale of a Time reminded me about why it’s a good idea.


Free or paid for?: This was part of a small box of beers Stockade sent me, which featured four or five beers from their range.

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  1. Im really loving the beers from stockade, I was pretty skeptical about them since they were part of a large contract brewer but this is one of my favourite Aussie IPAs. Going to try the Red IPA this weekend.

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