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“The style of marketing consistently adopted by the company, which is centred upon dated stereotypes of women and focuses on women as the object of the male view appears out of step with modern Australia. As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded when asked why it was important to have an equal number of women in his Cabinet – ‘Because it’s 2016’. Possibly the company might equally realise that it is ‘2016’ in devising its marketing.”

Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Code Panel
In a report over sexualised marketing practices of the Urban Purveyor Group
Quoted in Watchdog’s blunt reminder for Bavarian group: ‘It’s 2016’
James Atkinson
Brews News, June 10, 2016

In case you’re wondering, the complaint related to these images the company used to promote their beer range.


The company’s response included the claim that the ads were “arguably based on the idea of empowerment, and recognise the multidimensional qualities of women”.

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