Yeastie Boys Mix Tape

Yeastie Boys Mix Tape – Track Seven

The song


Disasterradio is known by his mum as Luke Rowell. A New Zealand electropop musician, he’s put out more than 10 albums since 2002. Some of those were released as freebies early in his career. The song Stairdancer comes from his 2007 album Visions, which was his most commercially successful release to date. It received thumbs up all over the place in New Zealand was voted that country’s best release of 2007 by Real Groove magazine.

Incidentally, a “stairdancer” in New Zealand slang is apparently a thief who gains access to buildings via the fire stairs.

The beer
This Stairdancer is a “Pacific IPA”, or as close as the Yeastie Boys claim to come to a NZ Pilsner. “A refreshing beer that’s as at home at the beach, or in the shower, as it is after work, with canapés or at the dinner table.”

The reason, from Yeastie Boys’ Stu McKinlay:

A stairdancer is (now unused) colloquial term from New Zealand for thieves who used to whip up and down stairwells, in office buildings, pinching stuff from unattended offices. The rise of swipe card security has all but wiped out this practice.
Stairdancer is also a track from New Zealand electro artist Disasteradio – a brilliant electronic musician from my home town of Lower Hutt, near Wellington, with the world’s best website. His 2007 album – Visions – has made my kids dance more than any other album I’ve ever come across. My general feeling is that all songs that make kids dance are great and some of them should become beer names.
Everyone calls it Stardancer at beer festivals, which to be fair probably would have been a better name (and ain’t a bad tune in my book).

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