Yeastie Boys Mix Tape

Yeastie Boys Mix Tape – Track Six

The song

Divine Hammer comes from Last Splash, the second album from The Breeders. Initially intended to be a side project for Kim Deal, who was a part of The Pixies, the band became a full-time thing when The Pixies went into abeyance.

Released in 1993 Last Splash gave birth to perhaps The Breeders’ biggest hit, the first single of Cannonball. That track reached No2 on the alternative charts. The second single, Divine Hammer, didn’t fare as well making it no higher than No28. Songwriter Deal said the song explored her religious upbringing, telling Rolling Stone, “It’s mainly about looking for something so hard through your life that people said was there. When I grew up and went to Sunday school, they said it was going to be really great … I believe everything everybody told me. And that’s why I’m so pissed off now.”

The beer
The Yeastie Boys Divine Hammer is a rye amber ale designed to redress the imbalance in the beer community where hops get all the attention. As they say on their website, “In a world where hops dominate, and malt places second-fiddle, this is a beer that bucks the trend.”

The reason, from Yeastie Boys’ Stu McKinlay:

My wife, Fritha, is the big Beastie Boys fan in our household and it was listening to Hello Nasty, during a homebrew about 10 years ago, that I came up with the idea of calling my beer Yeastie Boys.
Fritha is also a big fan of late eighties and early nineties alternative rock, including the The Breeders whose Divine Hammer was picked for the name of this beer. I like her so much I even let her pick the name of the beer, having given her a description of the flavour and look of the beer.
Like the impossible to pronounce Hud-a-wa’ Strong, before it, Divine Hammer is our regular range’s difficult child. I’m constantly tweaking it, trying to make it more divine I guess.




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